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Vacation Destinations British Columbia CD-ROM Testimonials a first of a series for Canada.- Some of our testimonials.

  • "A wonderful idea and company direction", Alaska based tourist agent.

  • "Enjoyed watching your CD-ROM, and so did my wife" Greg Mazankowski - RV Rental Agent.

  • "Interesting concept" Owner / Operator Duty Free Shop.

  • "Good Idea", Washington State RV Dealer.

  • "Sounds Good, I want to order one for myself" Travel Editor-Newspaper.

  • "Much more information than I expected, cuts down on internet time drastically", Private sale.

  • You don't have to sell me on the idea, I think it's great, spring budget definitely", Alberta based company.

  • "A great help for US Visitors", car rental company British Columbia.

  • "Will probably carry it for our Spring season" Duty free Shop - Manager.

  • "Enjoyed watching your CD-ROM, and so did my wife. I've suggested to our head office that we use it as a promotional item". RV dealership Manager - Vancouver.

  • "I think its a great idea - would make a great gift . Good website too". President RV Owners Association BC. - Wilf Chenuz.

  • "Ideal for the week-end get-away", RV campground owner.

  • "A great introduction not to mention a great gift for the newcomer and homebuyers", BC Real Estate Agent.

  • "A great idea, Love to bring some to my wholesalers overseas" RV Company BC "In one word excellent, the best CD for the money", Private sale.

Vacation Destinations British Columbia "CD-ROM - Vacation Planner Guide For BC

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