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If you have reached this file, you may have experienced a program setup error message.
We have solved the problem with the error message and we are available for your inquiries and install assistance.
The error occurs when a new version of MSJET35.DLL is either on your computer operation system or has been upgraded. Info here .
We have experience only one error during testing of our program and this was attributed to the upgrading of Microsoft operating systems/products.

The following reading will advise you on the direction to take in setting up of and running the CD-ROM.

If you wish, we can have the file with full instructions mailed to you and a staff member can walk you through the setup. The file you are downloading is called msjet35.dll.


NOTE: If you are unsure of the procedure for copying and setting-up this file to your computer, contact us. It can affect another computer program if not done properly.

UNZIPPED SIZE: 1,015kb  ----  ZIPPED FILE SIZE: 588kb


Due to the upgrading of Microsoft products, we have upgraded our product, to match the upgrades to the consumer.

It is important that you DO NOT overwrite your current msjet35dll file. Our program is for the following operating systems. Windows 95/98 Windows XP and Windows Vista.

By following the instructions, it will be easy to copy  -  have installed the file msjet35.dll as noted above. This file will not affect any other programs on your computer when copied/setup properly. The instructions are simple and easy to follow. The file is required only for V.D.B.C. program.

Simply copy or unzip the replacement file from the link on this page to: Program Files/WestCoast Treasures cdrom on your computer. You then restart your program. WestCoast Treasures from the start/programs/WestCoast Treasures cdrom.

All errors will be fixed at this point. If any other problem occurs, contact us for online - telephone support. No other errors have occurred or have been reported to us.

To install WestCoast Treasures cdrom Vacation Destinations British Columbia CD-ROM, simply follow these steps:


**Enter to the CD-ROM drive on your computer for your new CD and go to the install folder.

**Choose your SETUP.EXE and follow the directions on the screen.

**Setup of the program to Program Files/WestCoast Treasures cdrom is recommended


The CD-ROM has full install and uninstall instructions.
We provide support in the event you are unfamiliar with your computer. Our program was successfully tested on Windows 95/98 Windows XP and Windows Vista. Our program is checked and verified to have no viruses. The program has introductory sound as well as inner sound files, so adjust your audio/sound to your liking.

Setting a Shortcut to your desktop

To place a WestCoast Treasures cdrom shortcut to your desktop:
* On your task bar push Start then Programs then WestCoast Treasures cdrom
* Click on the right side of the mouse and choose "send to" & "Desktop as shortcut".
* You can now run the program from the desktop.

WestCoast Treasures cdrom Vancouver, British Columbia

If there is a function you feel will make the program run better and better serve your requirements, please contact us. We look forward to your active participation in the ongoing development of our program.

Staff: WestCoast Treasures cdrom

Working with you to make your vacation planning as easy as possible.

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