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Our product A CD-ROM Vacation Planner Guide for BC© entitled "Vacation Destinations British Columbia", our first of a series for Canada.















We Are The Connection To A Perfect Vacation. V. D. B. C. CD-ROM can assist greatly with BC Vacation Planning. "Vacation Destinations British Columbia" your cdrom Vacation Planner Guide For BC

 Many people search for knowledge on the web. Very rarely do they find the information without a lengthy-search.
Our product provides all the information you require on British Columbia. -
Vacation Destinations British Columbia CD-ROM- is your information source - 


Our vacation planner invites you to the province in full color, introduction text, pictures, and region by region invitations.

British Columbia is bursting with some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world.

                                          Whether you wish to explore:
BC's coastal region, with its' fiords, marine parks, the native ruins or the interior with its' historic towns, trails, parks, mountains, glacier fields, mount
ain meadows or the many lakes and rivers or the Hot Visiting Spots such as: British Columbia's National parks, BC Historic Sites, Heritage buildings and 
Museum, we cover them all!

"Vacation Destinations British Columbia - CD-ROM Vacation Planner Guide for BC is Your full Vacation Source Guide".

image4b.gif (11413 bytes) Providing: Easy to follow menus where you can explore and plan a full vacation-Travel Itinerary in your own time in a relaxed frame of mind V.D.B.C. is: Inexpensive, well researched and is a full resource of vacationing options in British Columbia. It never becomes outdated.

This personal Vacation Planner has a brief and detail description of the area of travel, at your fingertips. You can plan or discover BC while at home with family, at the office or on the road. Explore the Vacation Planning program and British Columbia while running other computer programs on your desktop 

The need and waiting for information from Vacation Planner on-line and off-line companies will be eliminated....


The pile of brochures and library of books and magazines, will be much smaller. There are many great books on British Columbia, but they are not always available outside BC and can be expensive to purchase. Our CD-ROM will always be available for your use.

The need to know more on the province will be there, yes! But you will need to be there physically to experience the true BC beyond our guide...


Unit price $29.95 Canadian, and $10.00 shipping costs.

(An Outdoor view Of BC)

We can ship our product to you or your special friend the same day. Contact us for details. Call us today for same day delivery - or same day delivery to your Home/Hotel/Other. (Vancouver Area)

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada Order A CD-ROM Vacation Planner Guide for a friend today!...

(--) The need for waiting for information will not be necessity from this time on...

(--) The pile of brochures and library of books and magazines and the expense will be much smaller...

(--) Your need to know more on the province will be there, yes! But you will need to be there physically to experience the true BC beyond our guide...

(Family Travel Info)

Fact-1: No other guide available today provides information on British Columbia as we do. We will answer all your questions for Destinations in BC for you to personally discover.

Fact-2: Our Guide provides a FULL resource for British Columbia. We cover BC and will be expanding.
Fact-3: The information provided on our web site (Experience BC - Our Overview Menu) is but a sample of the coverage in our CD-ROM. We provide the BC Overview for an invitation to the province.


(First Aid & Your Need To Know) SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS:

A PC 486 or higher Windows 95/98 Windows XP and Windows Vista (current version) VGA Video (16 bit high color recommended - 256 color minimum) 16 MB RAM (32 recommended) CD-ROM drive 3x or higher 10 MB free hard disk space (for install). Our program has been tested and successfully installed on Windows 95/98 Windows XP & Windows Vista.

Optional: The program has introductory sounds and music, so adjust your audio/sound to your liking. Full information is available on your CD-ROM in the "Readme" file and we also provide support information on-line by e-mail and by telephone.



"Vacation Destinations British Columbia" CD-ROM program current version, runs on
Windows 95/98 Windows XP and Windows Vista (current version)

To install: Simply follow the following steps: Enter on your Start button choose run D:\Install\Setup.exe (where D is your CD-ROM drive)

SETUP.EXE is in the Install Folder. Deactivate any programs running E.G. Norton and follow the directions on your screen. We recommend set up to Programs Files.

Once our program has been installed, It will run from the Start menu Programs WestCoast Treaures cdrom. A shortcut to your new program is also available by the following method:

On the task bar, choose: Start / Programs / WestCoast Treasures cdrom (click on your right hand side of the mouse) once on WestCoast Treasures cdrom and choose; Send to / Desktop as Shortcut.

Our program has been successfully installed and tested on Windows 95 and 98 and requires limited install directions for Windows XP and Vista see setup above.

Optional: The program has introductory sounds and music, so adjust your audio/sound to your liking.

More information is available on your CD-ROM in the Readme File. 

What people are saying about our CD-ROM!  see Testimonials.

Because of the impact on the environment and in the direction other companies are following, we too find excessive packaging unnecessary. Because of the aforementioned, we ship only the Jewel Case version at present.

The Jewel Case versus The Boxed Version.

The Boxed Version comes in a large cardboard box, (more cardboard on the inside of the box as a stronger hold for the actual jewel case). (--) The boxed product increases the exposure of the CD-ROM on the shelf only and is used to increase the "perceived value" of the product. The fact is, both the Jewel Case, and Boxed versions of the CD-ROM titles contain the same software...

(--) We are pleased to have for our first edition, BC Ferry Corp. as a reseller of 
our Product (2003); BC Ferry Corp. of Victoria BC working together to make your vacation in BC a great one!...

(--) We welcomes small, medium and large travel related businesses to sell our product. We have recently received inquiries on reselling of our product. We have had inquiries from 15 to 2000 size orders. Look for us in a store near you. We welcome your inquiry today.

A Truly Canadian Product.
We are: Complete, We are The Best, We cover All British Columbia!
If your Vacation Planner is not Vacation Destinations British Columbia cdrom, it is not complete!

Unit price $29.95 Canadian, and shipping costs.

Why do so many visitors come to British Columbia?

Most come to British Columbia and Vancouver Island for the scenery, and next to the scenery, is the people, the cities, the diversity of the BC ecology, the activities, the water ways, beautiful fresh air, the coast and the sunsets. There is something for everyone in BC, so we invite all to discover the province in its entirety....

You will enjoy the BC Overview, BC Coastal Islands, Vancouver Coast & Mountains, The BC Rockies, The Cariboo & Coast, The High Country, Peace River / Alaska Highway, BC North by NorthWest, Okanagan / Similkameen, The Kootenays, Introductions.

long beach Tofino BC A sample of what to expect in the BC Coastal Islands menu of "Vacation Destinations British Columbia" CD-ROM:

  • People/Places & Facts, Ecology Pictures and write up as well as the viewing areas, Islands Communities, (Cities & Towns), Island Lakes, National Parks, Provincial Parks, Hiking & Trails, Scenery, Special Places and Attractions on the Island which include the capital city Victoria.

  • We have a detailed introduction to Vancouver Island and The Gulf Islands also details on Getting To the Islands. - See some of the most beautiful parts of the island in the Islands Scenic Pictures section. 
    -- Find out how to get there in the transportation, boating and scenic journeys information.

  • Discover the magical and mystical Queen Charlotte Islands, (Haida Gwaii) the Gulf Islands, and the BC Lighthouses with help from our extensive details on all the information such as The Lighthouses of BC, the Queen Charlottes, Texada Island, plus other islands and the Boating information files.

  • Discover Camping On The Islands; Such as the world renowned Vancouver Islands' West Coast Trail. Be informed before you go with one of twelve files on the CD giving you Important Information before you venture into the outdoors. We have Day Hikes, Recreational Activities and much more.

  • The Coastal History in our History & Heritage section, the Communities Detailed, the Festivals & Events, as well as the Island Special Places, the Coast, Scenic Journey One and Coastal Scenic Journey Two, will detail the Coastal region for you and allow you to choose the destination for your discovery.
    Yes, we provide maps for the region you wish to see! See the product information for what's included with your purchase..........

    When you are ready to plan a FULL BC Vacation Off-Line, Order form.

In closing: Thank you for taking the time to read this file. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Remember we can serve you better if you inform us of any features you want to see.

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