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Our product is A CD-ROM Vacation Planner Guide for BC© entitled "Vacation Destinations British Columbia", our first of a series for Canada.














 Welcome to our product information. British Columbia Travel CD-ROM Guide Now Available!

Our guide continues to be a valuable source of information for visitors to the province of British Columbia.

From the Canada United States border, to the Alberta line and along the extensive coast of British Columbia, there is a vast land of unfolding beauty waiting for you. Within our CD-ROM, you will be introduced to all the regions of beautiful British Columbia. After reading the Introductions to the regions, we have unlimited viewing options for you. British Columbia awaits you. Uncover your region to explore today!

Our CD-ROM offers Region by Region Introductions with an array of menus and viewing options ....for planning your visit to British Columbia.  This British Columbia Vacation Planner has easily-accessed information on each of the provinces' regions.. This user-friendly guide details what truly makes each region an integral part of this spectacular province.

Vacationers and Adventure-seekers alike need look no further than this CD-ROM entitled: Vacation Destinations British Columbia. It is jam-packed with suggestions that can be tailored to each outdoor enthusiast’s dream. Each section – gives details on where to find adventures, how to get to the location and who to call for details. Your vacation is as easy as picking the region you wish to explore, the menu options will assure you of a full range of new opportunities!

Covered in your new CD-ROM are Full-Screen - Full-Color pictures of British Columbia's scenery, the wildlife, historical sites, hot visiting locations, Parks, Rivers, Lakes, Small-medium & large cities and towns, Trails, camping, History & Heritage of the province and much, much More------->>

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We promise you will enjoy your guide. You will want to learn more and you will, by exploring the guide again and again. You will have more free time to view this beautiful province of British Columbia.

A small sample of the viewing options (partial) click here

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We Are The Connection To A Perfect Vacation. Vacation Destinations British Columbia CD-ROM can assist greatly with British Columbia Vacation Planning. "Vacation Destinations British Columbia" is your CD-ROM Vacation Planner Guide For BC.

Many people search for knowledge on the web. Very rarely do they find the information without a lengthy-search. Our product provides all the information you require on British Columbia. Vacation Destinations British Columbia CD-ROM- is your information source -

Our vacation planner invites you to the province in full color, introduction text, pictures, and region by region invitations. Our CD-ROM is: Inexpensive, well researched and is a full resource of vacationing options in beautiful British Columbia.

British Columbia is bursting with some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. Whether you wish to explore: British Columbia's coastal region, with its' fiords, marine parks, the native ruins or the interior with its' historic towns, trails, parks, mountains, glacier fields, mountain meadows or the many lakes and rivers or the Hot Visiting Spots such as: British Columbia's National parks, British Columbia’s Historic Sites, Heritage buildings and Museum, Vacation Destinations British Columbia CD-ROM covers them all!

Vacation Destinations British Columbia CD-ROM has easy to follow menus' where you can explore and plan a full vacation. A travel Itinerary allows you to own your time in a relaxed frame of mind.

This personal Vacation Planner has a brief and detail description of the area of travel, at your fingertips. You can plan or discover BC while at home with family, at the office or on the road. Explore the program and British Columbia while running other computer programs on your desktop computer.

The need and waiting for information from Vacation Planners on-line and off-line companies will be eliminated.......PLUS the pile of brochures and library of books and magazines will be much smaller.
Granted there are many great books on British Columbia but they are not always available outside British Columbia and can be expensive to purchase. Our CD-ROM will always be available for your use.

The need to know more on the province will be there, yes! But you will need to be there physically to experience the true British Columbia beyond our guide....

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Fact-1: No other guide available today provides information on British Columbia as we do. We will answer all your questions for Destinations in British Columbia for you to personally discover.

Fact-2: Our Guide provides a FULL resource for British Columbia. We cover British Columbia and will be expanding.

Fact-3: The information provided on our web site (Experience BC - Our Overview Menu) is but a sample of the coverage in our CD-ROM. We provide the BC Overview for an invitation to the province.


A Truly Canadian Product. We are: Complete, We are The Best, We cover All British Columbia!

If your Vacation Planner is not Vacation Destinations British Columbia CD-ROM, it is not complete!

Unit price $29.95 Canadian, plus shipping costs. See our "CD Pricing Form", you may calculate the price of several CD's before you order. When you are ready to plan a FULL British Columbia Vacation Off-Line, Contact us.

Why do so many visitors come to British Columbia?
Most come to British Columbia and Vancouver Island for the scenery, and next to the scenery, is the people, the cities, the diversity of the British Columbia ecology, the activities, the water ways, beautiful fresh air, the coast and the sunsets.

There is something for everyone in British Columbia, so we invite all to discover the province in its entirety. We cover all of British Columbia. See sample here.

A sample of what to expect in the British Columbia Coastal Islands menu of "Vacation Destinations British Columbia" CD-ROM Islands menu sample

In closing: Thank you for taking the time to read this file. We look forward to hearing from you in the near future. Remember we can serve you better if you inform us of any features you want to see.

British Columbia is bursting with some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world. Pick your region of interest in our cdrom and discover it today.

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