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With the increased competition within the tourism industry, our alliance can have a positive influence in snaring a higher percentage of the market and allow your company to grow. WestCoast Treasures cdrom product promotions gives your company the opportunity of snaring a percentage of the market share by special means, with Vacation Destinations British Columbia CD-ROM. V.D.B.C. is a cdrom guide that will be a valued Promotions Product  for your business.

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WestCoast Treasures welcomes small, medium and large travel related businesses to sell our product. We have had inquiries from 15 to 2000 size orders. We welcome your inquiry today.

Browse through the ideas for promotional directions with our product. Whether your need is for:....Customer Relations......Employee Recognition...... Corporate Relations you will find information for your inquiry.

Use our CD for:
Client-Staff Appreciation, Promotions & Incentives and for Resale! Making V.D.B.C. cdrom available for Resale and Promotions will keep your clients happy, returning and foster new ones.

Product Promotions are an Important part of a businesses strategy for growth and recognition.

Customer Relations

Employee Recognition

Corporate Relations


Improve & increase sales

Long-time-service recognition

Enhance supplier relations

Thank a customer

Employee performance

Thank a sponsoring company

A preservation of a trip

Work safety recognition

Welcome a new co-partner

Welcome a new client

Employee bonus / vacation package

Christmas Gift

Vacation Destinations British Columbia CD-ROM Promotion Ideas
      Include a CD-ROM as part of recognition package to employees when certain goals are met (sales quotas, plant safety). Include as part of retirement gift (former employee now has time to travel). Include as part of long-service recognition package. Use as a prize for best employee suggestion to support an internal incentive program. With our special packaging, our interactive cdrom supports environmental protection and emphasizes the importance of Beautiful BC's resources and is a valued gift.

      Your company logo or sticker could be included on the CD-ROM cover/packaging. - For example the CD could state "Sponsored by ABC Company" or simply have the Company Logo clearly displayed, if a sufficient quantity is ordered. Keep your overhead low with fast restocking & same day shipping.

      The importance of an effective marketing and sales campaign is paramount in the success of promotional products. WestCoast Treasures cdrom has a combination of traditional marketing and Internet marketing to ensure maximum results for your company's promotional campaign..

     WestCoast Treasures cdrom offers: "The Most Comprehensive CD for BC". Working together to supply the traveling public or for employee recognition, we feel our partnership will be positive for all.

"Vacation Destinations British Columbia" CD-ROM makes a great promotional item, re-saleable product. This encourages clients to return knowing they have received Quality Service and a Quality Product for their patronage. -  We look forward to supplying you with our proposal, outlining a promotional campaign to suit your business.

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British Columbia Travel Guide by WestCoast Treasures cdrom. We have a product that is specially made for your business.

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