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If you are an "angel investor" or "private investor", who is Looking To Invest in a great company and product or small businesses, you have found the right place. We are looking for an investor for startup capital to re-launch our product. We are in search for the ideal person/investor for this innovative project. We are seeking Investors for our Travel Software Manufacturing Business.

We have prepared the following to meet your needs: 2021 Investment Proposal and Business Plan.

If you're thinking of expanding your business or making an investment, WestCoast Treasures cdrom is your answer. Funds to help finance the cost of our expansion are currently needed. WestCoast Treasures cdrom can demonstrate to you the investor, that we not only have a good product, but a product that sells - and we have the right plan to sell it.

The Official "Vacation Destinations British Columbia" CD-ROM.

British Columbia-Canada is the place to be before, during and after the 2010 Games.
"Vacation Destinations British Columbia" a cdrom vacation planner guide for BC. It is a one-of-a-kind cdrom for visitors to experience British Columbia as one of the best places on earth to live or visit.

Businesses from around B.C. are coming together to showcase their industries. Be a part of the experience with WestCoast Treasures cdrom. Accelerate your growth by investing in our business

WestCoast Treasures cdrom has what an investor looks for in a small business. We have a proven sales record and inquiries regarding order volumes ranging up to 2000 units. We welcome your inquiry today.

Since our business start, we have demonstrated our management capabilities and the potential for dramatic growth is there and in our vision. Like many businesses we need money to grow. We need working capital to meet the ever-growing marketing costs and product upgrades. We do not see our "product" cost increasing dramatically.

We have an unbeatable combination! This includes an Investment Proposal a Business Plan and a Marketing Plan. We also have detailed information on Target Markets, the competition and product positioning.

We have analyzed our financial needs and have a solid business plan outlining the investment potential for your company and ours. Our investment proposal is designed to give your company a high Return On Investment, while increasing your market exposure.

Our three-year Business plan and long-range vision, could include your company's future. In our Business plan, we detail our short, medium and long-term goals for you. We have a proven Canadian product and the market is ready for its' expansion. Your investment today could guarantee a high return.

WestCoast Treasures cdrom is looking for a partner.

Investment Proposal
"We have built a Creative Business Plan and Investment Proposal, that will convince you the investor that we will be creative in building your company." Our investment proposal is designed to meet your business needs, raise funds for expansion and sell our idea.

Business Plan:
In our Business Plan, we have a mission statement outlining our priorities. We have a list of the company's strategic and operational objectives and specific plans for meeting the objectives of both the investor and WestCoast Treasures cdrom.

Furthermore, in our Business Plan, we have detailed plans to expand into new markets. This will affect and help both parties grow substantially.

Contact us to discuss:
The terms of the deal;
What makes the deal or opportunity unique;
The balance sheet;
The caliber of the people involved; and
The characteristics of the company and the industry.

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British Columbia Travel Guide by WestCoast Treasures cdrom. We have a product that is specially made for your business.

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