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Company Name: WestCoast Treasures cdrom
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Vancouver, British Columbia

Company Description:
The Company supplies the vacationing public and new residents to British Columbia with a full, easy-to-follow, stand-alone, inexpensive educational and complete cdrom. "A CD-ROM Vacation Planner Guide for BC© ".

WestCoast Treasures cdrom is the developer of this product and we distribute it nationally and internationally. 

Product Name:
"Vacation Destinations British Columbia"
A CD-ROM Vacation Planner Guide For British Columbia; A complete resource cdrom guide for vacationing in British Columbia. We offer a first of its' kind CD-ROM Vacation Planner Guide for British Columbia.

Strategic Alliances:
We are providing an opportunity for sponsors, reseller and advertisers to expand their market coverage by being a promoter and reseller of our BC CD-ROM Vacation Planner Guide.

Travel industry - tour operators - travel agents and private clients

Success Stories:
Over the past years we have researched the travel industry, developed - marketed - manufactured and distributed our CD-ROM to countries around the world. A large number of our sales were North American sales.

We have a product that is specially made for your business.

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CD-ROM Advertising, Web Site Advertising, Product Promotions, Reselling our product is available now for our new 2023 Special edition. Pricing, program information and images available on our web site and on the following pages. Please view advertising options by clicking on images to the right, or use the menu below.

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British Columbia Travel Guide by WestCoast Treasures cdrom. We have a product that is specially made for your business.

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WestCoast Treasures cdrom offers a quality cdrom for your Vacation needs Est.: 1997 Vancouver BC

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