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We have a product that is specially made for your business.

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Vacation Destinations British Columbia; CD-ROM Vacation Planner Guide for BC©.

WestCoast Treasures welcomes small, medium and large travel related businesses to sell our product. We have had inquiries from 15 to 2000 size orders. We welcome your inquiry today.

WestCoast Treasures cdrom will meet all your Vacation and Business needs.

WestCoast Treasures cdrom provides a quality product and excellent service. Our product has surpassed the expectations and needs of the buyers and vacationer to British Columbia since its' introduction. See Testimonials.

WestCoast Treasures cdrom was founded partly upon the recognition of the gap in full information available to the visitor to BC. We, in our early development stage, recognized the gap and knew we could fill this information gap.

In early development, our aim was to make a product that is easy to use. Our CD-ROM provides the information in a fast and friendly way and is affordable to all. We will always provide "quality" in our product. We will continue to fill the gap in affordable information on BC!

If you are interested in the challenge and wish to join our ever-growing information database, we make an offer for your company to come aboard.

Vacation Destinations British Columbia CD-ROM can be tailor made for your private and corporate needs.

  • As a reseller, we could include your business information (brochure, newsletter etc) in our cdrom package and mail-outs.

  • We will prominently display your company logo on our web site with a link to your company web site.

  • As a reseller your company is assured entry in future product upgrades.

  • Special pricing is available on quantity orders.

  • Be the "Travel Edge Partner", be a reseller.

"Vacation Destinations British Columbia" a CD-ROM Vacation Planner Guide for BC.

  • Consumer Ready Travel Information for all budgets and all travel itineraries available now on British Columbia!

  • We are the full travel information source that is: A non-commercialized, (e.g.: member only or budget oriented), resource that offers a non-circular search method with ease of finding information, readily available to the visitor to British Columbia. Quite simply the best available!

Research and Development:
WestCoast Treasures cdrom team over several years, has as a result of the information gap, researched and developed Vacation Destinations British Columbia CD-ROM. Now the BC Visitor can enjoy their BC visit before they arrive, take a piece of BC home with them and have all the information required for that next Great British Columbia Vacation. Buyers of our product can, without the extremely long and many times circular method of finding proper information, fill the gap for travel information in British Columbia!

WestCoast Treasures cdrom has searched for information, verified the findings, and developed this country's first of its' kind Vacation Planner Guide©. That tradition of "Quality" stands behind every part of our operations. From our quality product to our web site, to fast, friendly service, we will remain on top. We offer our product for today's traveler and to the retail market. You can be assured that you have the support, quality and service from our business you as a retailer and your customers deserve.

Over the years, the public has been bombarded with many forms of "new" and "improved" fads and print media. WestCoast Treasures cdrom will not be part of the temporary "New and Improved". WestCoast Treasures cdrom recognizes the need for information and will always keep in tune with the "Market Trends".

The specials we offer to all parts of the travel industry will be recognized and respected in the travel industry. Take a look at our benefits and detail how we can help your business grow today. Our web site, will give you a sense of what we mean by the "The Travel Edge". Our Promotions will give you a sense of quality service, respect and the advantage over the competition. It will help you to understand why we take such pride in this product with a bright future. Be a part of it!

As a retailer, you'll be part of a team, one that includes every member of the WCTcdrom retail network. To keep the team informed and up-to-date, we make it a high priority to stay in touch with all of our retailers on a regular basis.

Through our regular News Letters, we'll let you know about the latest product developments, and research that we're working on. It also offers ideas from other retailers about what they're doing to keep their businesses growing. From time to time retailers receive a special bulletin that tells them about exciting promotions with our product or other initiatives that are on the way. Be a part of the team.

Today, many travelers carry the information they require on the road. Your business can be part of that information source when you become a partner with WestCoast Treasures cdrom. Currently, we are accepting advertisements both in our product upgrade and on our web site. There is more than one way to benefit as a retailer/reseller.

Company partnership and the supplying of detailed and updated information is an important part of British Columbia's Travel industry. Being dedicated, and interested in bridging the information gap, along with supplying quality service and direction, will result in a more satisfied customer. Be part of the bridge, join us today.

One of the key elements of "The Travel Edge Partnership", is partner involvement.  WestCoast Treasures cdrom invites your business to get involved and participate with your innovations for making V.D.B.C an even better product for the vacationer. We are looking for retailers who are committed to excellence and who are willing to put the time and effort into living up to that commitment.

WestCoast Treasures cdrom retailers can take advantage of low overhead, fast delivery and much more. We look forward to working with you so that you can build on the unique opportunity that comes from associating with the strength of company partnerships.

Your company and WestCoast Treasures cdrom will grow from the strength of the partnership. Quality, Service, Community Involvement, Network Support, and more are at your fingertips. We take great pride in our product and that is why we are very selective when considering new resellers. We need business people who understand the importance of the Travel Industry and how it affects the way we grow as a world wide destination of choice.

The initial investment is small and we promise great profit margins, great company exposure and promotional opportunities. The customer appreciation will be substantial for providing them with a quality product and continued excellent service.

We need resellers who are excited by the prospect of working hard to live up to the expectations of WestCoast Treasures cdrom customers. We need business people who have the commitment required to represent one of British Columbia's best products and our company name. You could be one of those people! Fast and friendly service, quality product, and attention to details is what we offer all our customers and retailers. As a reseller for our product, you'll be expected to make a commitment to looking after those details.

If this sounds like you and your business direction, then we invite you to explore the business opportunities with us today!

A Clear Goal together with Ambition, equals a Great Product and Great Rewards!

Contact us and get started today.

NOTE: WestCoast Treasures cdrom guide, in its entirety, does not deliberately supply information for: all-terrain vehicles` 4x4s`, or hunting areas. Any information provided is merely coincidental.

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